Canada’s Leader in Generator Sales


Westquip is Canada’s trusted leader in generator sales!  We offer diesel, natural gas and propane generator sets from 3.7kW to over 500kW.  Westquip manufactures and distrubutes complete lines of open skid, enclosed and sound attenuated generator models to choose from.  We are a custom packaging facility for all of your generator and power generation needs.


  Generator packages are available skidded, enclosed, enclosed on trailers, inside seacans and skid buildings. For oilfield applications, see our skid shack packages under Westquip WQ Series Generators. Manufactued to each clients specificiations complete with generator set, skidded building, CSA approval, AC Electrical Panel, and a Transport Canada Approved fuel system.


Our custom packaging facilities will install your generator into your trailer, truck or portable building.  Westquip custom packages generators in Edmonton and Calgary for applications throughout the world.

Optional Accessories:

  • Radiator winter fronts
  • Sub-base Fuel tank – various capacities, with fuel level gauge and vented fill caps
  • Trailer – Transport Canada approved trailers
  • Winter Cold Weather Packages – engine coolant heaters; hydronic diesel fired heaters, thermostatic radiator shutters, battery blankets, crankcase vent heater kits
  • EZ Oil drain kit
  • Positive air safety shutdown valve
  • AC Distribution – main breaker, receptacles, pin and sleeve connectors
  • Paralleling Load Sharing – customized packages