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Edmonton 780.960.5560 | Calgary 403.261.0601

Westquip WP Series Water Pump

Westquip is a leading edge manufacturer of Auto-Prime and Wet-Prime pump packages

logo-cornellWestquip utilizes Cornell Pumps providing renowned Cornell quality, with high efficiency and low operating costs. All Cornell pumps feature rebuildable design, robust construction and efficient operation.


We have pump packages available for:

  • Oil & Gas (hydraulic fracturing; horizontal directional drilling; mud pump systems, production and well enhancement)
  • Construction & Rental (infrastructure; pipeline, utility)
  • Environmental
  • Mining


WP Series Solid Handling Auto-Prime Pumps:

  • 4", 6", and 8" Pump Packages
  • Cornell Pump (up to 3" solid passing)
  • Automatic Priming Systems (Cornell Redi-Prime or Venturi Priming System
  • Cornell patented Cycloseal System with Run-Dry seal lubrication system (extends your seal life)
  • Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine


WP Series Solid Handling Wet-Prime Trash Pumps:

  • 4" & 6" Cornell STX Wet-Prime Trash Pump (up to 3" solids; Self Priming)
  • Cornell Patented Cycloseal Design (extends your seal life)
  • Liquid-cooled diesel engine


WP Series Clear Liquid Pumps:

  • Cornell High Efficiency Clear Liquid and High Pressure Pump ends (up to 1" solids)
  • Cornel Pateneted Cycloseal Design with Run-Dry seal lubrication system
  • Liquid cooled diesel engine or electric motor drive systems
  • Optional Automatic Priming System


Custom Pump Packages:

If you have a specific dewatering application we will custom design a pumping unit specification to meet your needs. Both diesel powered and electric motor drive systems are available.

Cornell Pumps

Contact Westquip for Cornell pump pricing and information for all new packaging, repower, and replacement pumps and pump accessories.


4in Electric Drive STX Trash




If you are interested in any of these items, please contact us.

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