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The JCB Dieselmax and Ecomax engine range has been designed to give your business performance you can depend on.

The full JCB engine range, 4 and 6 cylinder, Stage II-IV / Tier 2-4 with ratings from 55kW-212kW (74hp-284hp) click link to view JCB Engine specs!



The Performance You Need

  • Robustness – An Engine That Can Cope In All Applications & Operating Environments
  • Low noise – Making Your Machine Operator’s Life And The Surrounding Environment more comfortable
  • Reliability – Designed For Longer Life

The new JCB Ecomax T4 family of engines requires no after-treatment – because JCB use the emissions ‘engine-out’, and more importantly do not need to use a DPF, this offers real opportunities for our customers.

Just a few of the benefits you can expect with the JCB engine include:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • No additional servicing
  • Improved reliability
  • No damage risk due to high sulphur fuel
  • Small engine package, hence a more effective machine design

The JCB approach to meeting the massive challenge of Tier 4 emissions legislation was to look upon it has an opportunity for innovation and come up with a solution that has real advantages for our customers.

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